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What You Should Know About Hajj Tours

Hajj is an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, and it is a very religious and significant event. Hajj tours involve acts of worship and a re-commitment of your faith and religion. It is essential to prepare for these tours in advance. There are also several things that you should know before you decide that this is the right tour for you to take. Your tour agency can provide citizen application assistance if needed.

Who Can Go?

  • You must be Muslim. Non-Muslims cannot attend even if they are accompanying a Muslim person.

  • You must be 18 years or over unless a parent is accompanying you. If only one parent is accompanying you, you will need the signature of both to attend.

  • Young couples must show their marriage license.

Preparing for Hajj

You'll want to prepare yourself for this holy pilgrimage. Be grateful to Allah and all that he does. Prepare to submit to Allah. Avoid sinning. Live your life in the best way that you can before Hajj. Always consider how Allah in all that you do, and this will help you avoid sinning as you go about your days.

How to Dress

You, of course, should be prepared to dress according to Muslim tradition. It includes Hijabs. Expect the weather to be hot. Even in winter, this area is hot. Cotton is an excellent choice for clothing. Bring along a small bag with your items. You should wear comfortable flip flops. Your attire will be simple and white. You will change into this clothing during the first ritual that you perform at the start of your tour. Please do not wear jewelry or anything that could be considered flashy.

What Will You Do?

Along the way, you will stop and experience rites and rituals. The pilgrimage takes six days. Millions of people perform this pilgrimage each year. Any Muslim who can attend and have the financial means to facilitate it is required to do it at least once in their life.

Traveling to a place that is so holy to Muslims will give you an incredible feeling. You will come away from the Hajj experience feeling a more profound commitment to your religion. You will feel closer to others of your faith. It is a fantastic experience that no Muslim should miss. Your travel agent can help you with all the forms and paperwork that you shall need.

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