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Important Things to Know About Planning Umrah Tours

In the Muslim religion, Umrah tours are a chance to pilgrimage to pay respects to Allah. These tours are sacred. While you may think of trips as a chance to have fun, this type of tour's purpose is to worship. Umrah is said to be somewhat like a Hajj tour but on a smaller scale. It is often known as a mini Hajj. Umrah is not mandatory for all Muslims, but many do complete it. Unlike Hajj, which takes days, Umrah gets completed in hours. While on this tour, visitors must perform rituals.

No Set Date and Time for Umrah

Unlike Hajj, which has set dates when the pilgrimage must get completed, you can complete Umrah at any time of the year. You can do it once, or you can go on more than one occasion. That is up to each individual.

Women Under 45 Years of Age

Women under 45 years of age are not allowed to do Umrah on their own. A Mahram must accompany them. That is a member of one's family. Women over 45 years of age can go in a group, as long as they have a ' No objection certificate.' that is signed by the Mahram and witnessed by a notary public.

Choosing a Tour Company

  • Choose a reputable tour company that years of experience in Hajj and Umrah tours.

  • Check to see that the Saudi Ministry of Hajj certifies the tour company.

  • Choose a package to make things easier for you and to help you save money.

  • An all-inclusive package is often the best for those taking an Umrah tour.

  • Be sure that you understand what comes in the tour package before you make a booking

  • Visa processing is something that you should do.

Your tour company should also be able to advise you on what to wear during the tour. An experienced company has a wealth of information to share with you about the trip and other points of interest in the area.

Umrah has particular requirements that you must abide by, for example, not trimming your hair or nail before the tour. After the trip, you must cut some of your hair off. It's important not to wear any scent during the journey, not even deodorant. Your travel agent can discuss the proper dress for the trip, as what you can wear is specified. Leave jewelry and other flashy items behind, as they are not appropriate during the tour.

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