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Requirements to Apply for Hajj

Prepare your documents list as follows:

1. Download the Hajj application from our site, complete it, sign it & date it.

2. Copy of Original Passport. Please make sure it is valid at least 6 months after the day of departure to Saudi.

  • For NON-USA passport holders, please sent a copy of green card along with the passport.

3. 2 Photos (Passport Size)

4. For NON-USA passport holders, A scanned copy of the green card front & back along with the passport.

5. For Visa holders, please contact the office before applying to identify what type of visa, validity and Eligibility.

6. A deposit is submitted as a personal or certified check payable to "Maram Tours & Travel Inc."

7. All Payments shall be completed by the 1st of Ramadan.

8. A return envelope of same service you use, FedEx or USPS or UPS so  passport after visa issuance, will be sent back.

9. For young Couples, A copy of Marriage certificate needed to be attached.

***Send all documents to our address in New York. Once received, an invoice will be generated and forward to your email address of every document and payment you sent.***

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