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Cheapest Hajj Packages Usa

Hajj Packages from the United States

There are about 3.5 million Muslims in the United States, which means that there is plenty of demand for Hajj packages originating in the country. However, not everyone is able to pay for a premium package with 5-star hotels located just mere steps from Haram. Therefore, some tour operators make a point of saying they have the cheapest Hajj packages USA.
One thing that is important to keep in mind is that no package tour from the USA to a distant country, for a trip set to last several days, will truly be "cheap." Expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars if you want to avoid the risk of being scammed. That said, there are economy packages that shave many thousand dollars off compared to premium package prices.
Our cheapest Hajj packages are a good example of this. By providing hotels a bit farther from Haram, we are able to offer much lower prices than we do for our "right next door" lodgings. However, we still use good, modern hotels that have all of the amenities you expect. We also know that most people from the USA aren't familiar with Saudi Arabia, so we offer guided tours for all of our packages regardless of price.
On the other end of the spectrum, we offer 40 Prayers Hajj packages. This is part of our Deluxe offerings, which is between Economy and Supreme. It includes extra time in Madinah, so it costs a few hundred dollars more than the standard version of the same trip. Many Muslims like the 40 Prayers Hajj packages because it lets them follow one of the suggestions in the Hadeeth, which is to pray 40 prayers in the Prophet's Mosque, which is the one in Madinah. However, since doing this many prayers is not a requirement of the Hajj, standard or even our cheapest Hajj packages USA are even more popular.
For all of our Hajj packages, we offer several nights in both Makkah and Madinah in 4- and 5-star hotels, sightseeing in Madinah, round trip airfare, assistance at the airport, breakfast and dinner, and more. Different packages also include extras unique to each one, such as private buses to and from Haram for all five prayers. These services and amenities help to make your Hajj one that is not only memorable for being a once-in-a-lifetime event, but for being one that is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
To learn more about our Hajj package options, get started with your Hajj visa application, or to book your spot, just contact us here at Maram Tours and Travel. We'll be glad to help you!

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