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Affordable Hajj Packages

Don't Let Money Stop You – Try Our Affordable Hajj Packages

Every Muslim, with few exceptions, must make the Hajj at least once in a lifetime in order to fully adhere to the Five Pillars of Islam. However, many worry that it won't be possible due to financial concerns. This is especially true for those living in places that are very far from Saudi Arabia, such as the United States.
While traveling to another country and staying for a few days can't be called "cheap," our affordable Hajj packages take a lot of the bite out of the endeavor. They are up to several thousand dollars less expensive than our most premium options. Even so, they still put you in fully-modern, safe hotels and take care of important matters such as your Hajj application to Saudi Arabia, give you a chance to sightsee, and more.
In the longer-term, one of the best ways to take the financial sting out of the Hajj is to save up. Even with our economy Hajj packages 2020, you'll be much less stressed if you don't have to scrimp just to complete the trip. Since you only have to do Hajj once in your life, you can build a nest egg for several years before you actually travel. You'll also enjoy your time in Saudi Arabia more if you can buy some mementos while you're there.
Of course, you won't need to save nearly as long if you choose one of our affordable Hajj packages. Our packages let you cut costs without going too far with it. You'll be sure that you'll have a good bed, running water, and everything else you'd expect from modern accommodations.
You may be wondering what makes our economy Hajj packages near me less expensive than our premium options. One of the biggest differences is how far the hotels are from the required Hajj destinations. The economy package's Makkah hotel is about 2 km away, while the one for the supreme package is just steps from Haram. If you're on a budget, it's well worth either a long walk or a shuttle ride to save the money. The supreme package's hotels are also of the absolute highest caliber, while the ones for the economy package are in the 4-star range.
Another way to save money on Hajj packages near me is to travel with more people. Our stated rates assume that four will come at once. By filling up your hotel rooms with fellow travelers, you get the best possible rates as well as ensure that you have traveling companions to make the trip more enjoyable.

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